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Tinnitus does not make it more difficult to hear.

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It can, however, indirectly affect our hearing if it affects our concentration. It can interfere with focused listening. For this reason, tinnitus can affect our ability to communicate with others.

Tinnitus - The Mystery Solved?

At first, the sound of a car alarm is distracting. If the sound persists, it can become annoying. This type of cycle can happen with tinnitus. Emotional reactions can include frustration, worry, and anger. Some people report anxiety or depression because of tinnitus. As mentioned above, effects of tinnitus usually include emotional reactions. People with tinnitus often experience sleep problems. The sharp contrast between tinnitus and a quiet room attracts attention; when you go to bed at night, you are usually in a quiet room.

This situation can make it very difficult to ignore tinnitus. Being aware of tinnitus can make it hard to fall asleep. It can also make it hard to return to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night. If tinnitus disrupts sleep each night, you may become sleep deprived. This can make it harder to function normally throughout the day.

The new sound is can be surprising, and it comes from inside the head — that really gets our attention.

If the tinnitus is perceived as a threat, it will keep our attention. Tinnitus can be perceived as a threat if it evokes fear of a serious medical or psychological problem. The more you pay attention to tinnitus, the more it tends to be a problem. Lifestyle factors that may tend to make you pay more attention to tinnitus include:.

11 Tinnitus Remedies: How to Get Rid of Tinnitus

Lack of control is one more reason why tinnitus can become a problem. We talked about the car alarm in the distance becoming increasingly bothersome. If it is your own car you would be able to turn off the alarm and end the problem. The difference in how you react depends on whether or not you feel that you have control. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life.

We discussed how tinnitus can become a problem. He has worked with tinnitus patients for the past 7 years. He states that "I am sure there have been diagnosed cases of tinnitus that were actually direct perception of the OM sound. Meanwhile Dr N Seshadri, a cardiologist in Florida, questioned whether he had tinnitus. He comments "I didn't have hearing problems, and after a lot of self study and meditation, am convinced this phenomenon is not tinnitus.

It seems to be a sound coming from deep within the right side of my brain.

My accidental triumph over tinnitus

It sounds like buzzing bees but I have also heard a flute sound. If you are in fact hearing OM, then "inner sound" meditation can help you to control your attention on the sound and to be more relaxed. Meanwhile, if you do have tinnitus, hopefully "inner sound" meditation can bring some inner peace. It may help tinnitus sufferers to read that blog in conjunction with the technique shown below:. Go to a quite place, sit straight and close your eyes.

Observe the breath gently. Breathe in and out of the nose and not the mouth. You will be focussing one by one on the six main chakras down the front of the body:. Witness the sound in a detached way. Instead of viewing it as an irritant, be immersed in the sound at each chakra as if you are listening to music, which at first may be an acquired taste. After some time, follow this same practice of focussing on the breath and the sound in the remaining five main chakras.

Remember, hearing OM is a sign of spiritual evolution and is purifying, so you may well be an advanced yogi without even knowing it! Persevere by making meditation part of your daily routine for at least 15 minutes every day. You may discover that the sound changes in different chakras or the volume changes especially in the throat area. These are positive signs that you are hearing OM.

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You will also then learn how to pay more or less attention to it during the day. If you cannot sleep, when lying down meditate as described above. In general, as you become more in tune with the sound, it will stay in the background when carrying out your daily duties.

If it becomes loud of its own accord, often at a time of stress, then meditate for a few minutes and go back to the task at hand. Defocus your thoughts away from the sound by discussing or thinking about day to day matters. It really is possible with practice to make the inner sound secondary. Take the example of a loud ticking clock.

Some of us hear it all of the time and find it annoying and others of us don't hear it at all unless we put our attention on it. In conclusion, as more scientists and doctors meditate, perhaps they will learn more about this universal sound. Science has an important role to play but sometimes only meditation can bring the hidden answers of the universe through inner experience. David Green is an experienced meditator and Kriya Yoga practitioner.

Check if you have tinnitus

In The Invisible Hand, he describes how the application of yogic principles regarding meditation, diet and wellbeing helped to change his life to bring more success, peace and happiness. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Lifestyle.

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