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Once, one was discovered behind the freezer and determined to be at least 2 or 3 years old.

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We found it unspoiled and absolutely delicious. So, long live true fruit cakes. A 90 year old widow offered my wife and me a taste of her wedding cake. This was a fruitcake that was about 65 years old.

Mama Little's Rum Cakes

With some hesitation, we sampled the small piece that remained. As expected, it was quite dry, BUT we did not suffer any ill effects. I can attest fruitcakes last a long time. Nobody seems to like fruitcakes so I get to enjoy all the unwanted gifts of Christmas. I have notice the ones in metal cans are the best.

So if there is a nuclear apocalypse I would have something to eat. Every year I make a fruitcake even though only my husband, daughter and I like it. Last week he and I ate the last piece of last years cake!

Real Jamaica Fruit Cake/ Cake Black Cake (Christmas) - Recipes By Chef Ricardo

Why mine lasts so long is because I soak it in brandy! I wrap it up in a white cotton cloth and then in Saran wrap and put it in a large Ziploc bag. I check on it through the year and pour more brandy over it to keep it moist. Unfortunately not a lot of people like fruitcake. True, but I grew up eating homemade fruit cake and blackberry jam cake at Christmas.

And drinking homemade boiled custard, not eggnog, but boiled custard. I been wanting a fruit cake for a few years. I have about half or less left. I want to keep it for next Christmas. I have no idea how long they will last, but I have eaten some well over 20 years old. They are then wrapped in waxed paper, then aluminum foil, then stored in tin boxes in a cool room.

Every year we open and serve some, then moisten with sherry or brandy and rewrap. It was not moldy or rancid and it was delicious. It will last a couple more seasons before we start on the one made in How does your wife store her fruit cakes? I ordered a 2 or 3 pound one from Swiss Colony this year.

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I want to keep it good for next Christmas. I grew up eating homemade bake goods. My late mother spent 42 years working in German, Polish and Jewish bakeries. Also my grandmothers and great aunt made homemade bake goods at Christmas and Fruit Salad. Barbra, When I make the cake, I always line the cake tin I am cooking in with a heavy Brown Paper make it much higher than the tin then if you want to put cooking paper on top of it.

When I bring the cake out of the oven I pour more Brandy over the top, fold all the paper over the cake and wrap in a big towel and leave it in there until it cools down. When cold unwrap it and store it, still in the brown paper,, then put a wrap of aluminimu foil over the brown paper and store it in a very cool dark place. Mine goes in the linen press. When you are ready, take out unwrap and decorate. My late wife and I were both born in We married in and I plan on breaking through the almond paste and trying our wedding cake on her birthday in April — she asked me once if I would still love her when she was 64 ala the Beatles.

My family will find out about the fruitcake then, but I am encouraged by what I read on this site. After she passed away I was still eating her fruitcake years after she had made them — it took me awhile because we fruitcake lovers are a minority group. What is the best way to freeze them? Many thanks! Best way to freeze something like a fruitcake is by using moisture-vapor resistant packaging. Oxygen can impact color, flavor and texture.

Best practice for thawing is to do so in the wrapping at room temperature, hours, or in the refrigerator. Finally Uncle Les decided to eat the dadburn thing—and pronounced it delicious! It was always a running joke when I was young that my aunt would give fruitcakes out at Christmas.

She would date the tags, though not sure why. Upon my mothers death, we found a couple fruitcakes that were yrs. December 5, Matt Shipman. Thanks so much for this recipe! I absolutely love your website and stumbled upon it by accident when looking for a recipe for sweet potato pone.

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This is my second Christmas season of making Jamaican fruitcakes and my family loves them. Your tips on making browning were excellent. The first time I tried to make my own browning it came out like taffy so I just used molasses. This year I forgot it altogether, although, my cakes still came out good. Next time, I will definitely try your browning recipe. Thanks again and please keep the recipes coming!!

Have a blessed Christmas! Blessings, Fay. Thanks Mummy Fay for all the wonderful recipes and the videos especially. I really would love to make this for New Years Eve. Thanks for showing us how to make REAL browning — especially the tip about using the food tins. Ella x. Hi Ms.

Soak Fruits for Christmas Cake

Fay, I love your videos! I have one question…What is port????? Thanks again, and GOD bless!!!!