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Lebanese, three others brought to court for allegedly stealing high tension transformer. Man to undergo death sentence by hanging for killing father. Appeal court compel DSS to bring Dasuki to court at the next adjourned date.

Sambo Dasuki retd. Trials of Boko Haram suspects to be held in closed chamber. Quit notice: Kaduna gets permission from court to arrest northern youths. LASG okays free legal services to residents. Nwanne jailed 14 years with hard labour for attempting to use minor for ritual. Court kick against frivolous councilor, five others bail application over alleged culpable homicide. Reasons behind Nigeria not declaring Fulani herdsmen a terrorist group. Moscco court issue bench warrant for doping whistleblower.

Thoughts from the Throne: Volume 1 by Billy Hoffman, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Hudson Taylor, of "Never mind your fishing," I said, " I the China Inland Mission, called The will give you more money than a day's Retrospect, he relates a very pathetic fishing will bring; only comecome at event, which serves as a sidelight to re- once" veal the deadly matter-of-fact nature of "How much money will you give us" the Chinese character at the same time, " We cannot stay to discuss that now it is not without its moral to our readers. Come, or it will be too late.

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I will give It is as follows you five dollars" then worth about thirty On the afternoon of the second day, shillings in English money. Jones and 1 drew men, " Give us twenty dollars, and we near the large and important city of will drag. I don't know exactly, about fourteen Among the passengers on board the dollars.

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Less than a minute sufficed to where lie went by the name of Peter. As bring up the body of the missing man. On the pre- delayed while efforts at resuscitation were vious evening I had drawn him into earn- being made. But all vas in vain--life est converse about his soul's salvation. The man listened with attention, and was To myself this incident was profoundly even moved to tears, but still no definite sad and full of significance, suggesting a result was apparent.

I was pleased, far more mournful reality. Were not therefore, when he asked to be allowed to those fishermen actually guilty of this poor Chinaman's death, in that they had accompany me, and to hear me preach. I went into the cabin of the boat to the means of saving him at hand, if they prepare tracts and books for distribution would but have used them Assuredly on landing with my Chinese friend, when they were guilty.

And yet, let us pause soddenly I was started by a splash and a ere we pronounce judgement against them cry from without. Peter art the man. Let us consider who it is that has said, "If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; if thou sagest, Behold, we knew it not; cloth not he that pondereth the heart consider it and he that keened' thy soul, cloth not he know it, and shall not he render to every man according to his works Ne.

Mike and His Bible He was defending himself against a Catholic priest, who was taking him severely to task for his Bible reading. It is not for you to understand it, my man. The church will give you the mil k.

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Though that space be small, ample is it above kingdoms; though it be a desert, through it flows the river of Paradise, and there are the enchanted bowers. AIL Alk Jac The Imperial Sunday Alliance One of the most ominous and significant features of the Imperial Sunday Alliance is that it represents a definite and 'determined attempt to restore the old disastrous regiLne of persecution in matters of conscience. There is a radical difference betWeen human legislation on matters pertaining to Casar and -human legislation on matters that pertain to God.

In the case of purely'human laws, a man may approve or he may disapprove them but he will still recognize that, it is tb his interest to obey them. He owes a debt, to the government of his country for the care it takes of hiM and of his property. EYen though his interests be attacked by a law' of which he disapproves, st ill it will be better to obey the law and to suffer a slight, loss tieinto disobey the law and incur a heavier penalty.

If he regards the law as an unjust one, lie can yet suffer in patience for a while, until by law abiding means he and his fellovir-victims are able lo bring about a change. The situation is different, however, in the ease of human laws regulating matters, that pertain to God. They have therefore to decide whether they will obey God or men. To disobey men will be 'to incur punishment, but to disobey God will be to commit sin. Disobedience to men may mean earthly loss, but disobedience to God may mean eternal loss.

Who is the Congolese 'Terminator' Bosco Ntaganda? - BBC News

In the case of those who are weak in character, or are disposed to play the hypocrite, the law may seem externally to accomplish its purpose, but in the case of those who are true to their principles, religious legislation by earthly governments can never serve as a corrective it must always be, in the very nature of things, a persecution, an increasing rigour of oppression whose only logical end is the final sentence of death.

They excite the flame which they strive to extinguish; and it soon becomes necessary to chastise the contumacy, as well as t21,1 -crime, of the offender. The tine, which he iS unable or unWilliiig to discharge, exposes Isis person to the severity of the law and his contempt of lighter penalties suggests the use and propriety of capital punishMent. Iiiance, and proposes legislation on a matter of religion, the logical effect of which will be to lead the country back into the horrors or religious persecution.

Shall the leSsons of history be thrown away Shall the obsolete laws regarding the observance of Senday, laws that belong to the old regimcof persecution in matters -of conscience, be rev eti Should they not rather be buried still more deeply No matter On what new pretext religious legislation may he introduced, its working will be the same as it was in the Dark Ages. Oar count ry is being invited to retrace the steps by which it emerged From that horrible period.

Which is It Is it "like priest. Ile is--not alone; it is generally mis-quoted that way. Yet the passage reads As they God's professed people wet e ionitiplied , so they sinned against me. I will turn their glory into shame.

Diaries of a Mad Black Belt: [Exercise Module]

They feed on the sin of my people instead of ilod's Word, and set, their heart on their iniquity. And it shall be liku people, like priest and I will punish them for their ways and requite them their doings. The'-priest- preacher has as a general thing ever -been dipeo to the right. His sin has been that he has yielded to the pressure of the age, -to the woxlelliness itmuing Isis people, instead of acting the faithful watchman. It is the people who heap to themselves Lathers having itching ears.

The awful sin of God's watchmen has ever been that, contrary to their better judgment, superior knowledge, also solemn vows, they'yield to the demands of Use people. With step triumphant and a heart of cheer Who tights the daily batLIN without fear Sees his hopes fail, yet keeps u n faltering t rust That God is Ilod that somehow, true and just, His plans work out for mortals ; not a tear Is shed when fortune, which the world holds dear, Falls from Isis grasp better, with love, a crust ' Than living in dishonour envies not.

Nor loses faith in man but does his Nor ever murmurs at his humbles' lot, But, with a smile and words of hope, gives zest To every toiler he alone is great Who by a life heroic conquers fate. Sarah Knowles Bolton. It was not supposed that the Young Turks could move so quickly that Germany would be unable to interfere.

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The late sultan saw his mistake too late. It seems. Asa result of the combined influence of England, Germany, and the Visited States,. It is. An interesting question ha. Eames in a recent work urges that the influx of foreign missionaries be stopped and that further evangelization be doe by natives only. He says that no solution that does not provide for such a cessation of the influx of foreign missionaries to all parts of the empire at their pleasure will be acceptable to the Chinese government.

This may affect vitally the missionary advance into that great empire. The Raja of Tikari, of. North India. Before the marriage, Miss Thompson became a Hindu, being initiated into that great idolatrous system according to heathen rites. The marriage was carried out in Hindu fashion.

The feast was served in Oriental style, leaves being placed before the guests while seated on the floor. There was also native music and the usual accompaniments of idol worship. That such a painful circumstance should be. We hear the remarkable news that there is so much money in the Cubans treasury that. Cuba is considering materially lessening various taxes. Would that other governments could do the same. TrisH, The Tsar has caused great tension in government citeles by vetoing the bill creating a Naval General Staff.

Sir Robert Hart is to- return to China. He has been honoured byChina as no other European, having been -decorated.