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Each lesson was really enjoyable for both owners and puppies". The course is well organised and managed offering opportunities to try new skills and interact with other dogs and owners in a controlled environment. The leader Janine is very clearly passionate about what Cooper has loved every minute and the advice and Janine and her team has been invaluable. Kind, modern training, takes the time to listen to the owners requirements and frustrations. We are going back to do our silver good citizen in the summer.

Fun classes and good tips and we loved coming to training each week".

Everything you need to know about the Westminster Dog Show

Frequently Asked Questions How long is the training course? We run the Puppy Foundation course over a 'rolling' 6 weeks, so there is no set start date, you can start as soon as we have space. Call or email for details of Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Of course, all we ask is that you let us know and please don't bring your puppy. That also applies to putting those swabs into containers.

This causes what's known as residual odor in the environment and dogs may alert on it. This could harm your training and the dog's odour interest over time. Particularly if you don't know it is there. The container should allow for odor to escape, so you may need to poke some holes in it. You can also use putty or tape to secure the tin when you are hiding it. Examples of other containers: chap stick tubes, flower pics, insulation casing etc.

Remember to drill holes so that you let the odour out.

Agility - Kennel Club Novice Cup Final - Small - Agility - Crufts 2019

Store in a container that is as air tight as possible. Lee Valley has some new containers that are awesome. They have a great rubber seal. Crap, my dog at the swab! Safety tips: Each dog is different when searching. When I cut my swabs, I also cut away most of the paper stick too. Disposing of swabs: You can use the swabs over and over, unless they get very soiled or contaminated with other things. That carton then goes into the green garbage bag on garbage day so that on garbage day. Avoid anything that has been distilled with chemicals. About Us.

Contact Us. About The Trainers Pamela Murray.

Dog & Puppy Training Inverness & Black Isle

Valerie Barry. At a glance Find out more. All breeds, including mixed breeds , can participate in Agility — from the smallest to the largest of dogs. Does he enjoy running and responding to instruction? Does he get along well with other dogs? If so, agility could be a great fit.

You are critical to the process. Through training and the development of good communication you and your dog can become part of the sport of Agility. As with any sport, we recommend you start by taking a class at an AKC club near you.

Beginner courses introduce you and your dog to obstacles, and provide the basics of how to compete should you decide to go that route. Most classes meet once a week for an hour or so.

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Practicing at home is just as important! First-timers often start out with tunnels, which can be collapsed when not in use, and tunnel holders to keep them in place. Weave poles—or a few evenly spaced upright poles that your dog can run through—are another popular at-home obstacle. At-home training equipment can be purchased online or you can build it yourself with PVC pipes.

Count on spending at least minutes a day practicing the moves you learned in class.

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