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It must have been destroyed! It opens up such new vistas for your people — all of space and time! The things you could see and learn and experience, hmm? The wonder of everything out there! And yet you think it is just a stick to smash your enemies over the head! You will both be interrogated by torture and then you will be shot. You will have no appeal. This will all be done behind closed doors.

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Your people will never find you! Great Ideas: Imagine how exciting the idea of another ship trying to materialise inside the TARDIS and practically tearing it apart would have been to a child of the sixties? Its exactly the sort of ambitious idea that the show would never have shied away from in its innovative early years.

The very idea of opening this story on a beach with the ship having crash landed and all the survivors meeting up to try and figure out where they are is so indebted to the first episode of Lost I could practically see the Island in my minds eye. To be fair it was a phenomenal pilot episode and a great scene setter and so if you are going to borrow an idea you might as well take it from the best.

These humans are pioneers, the first humans to travel through the barrier of time. If this experimental flight was successful then all of time might be jammed with commuters shuttling back and forth through history. Simon Gurrier has always been good at conjuring up clever ideas and potent imagery but this is an immediate assault and very attention grabbing.

The war with the Daleks was ancient history to these people and Mavic Chen was barely mentioned in schools. Instead of wires there are fleshy tendrils running through the spaceship, organic matter sprouting from tears in the flesh as though it were alive. History is being used like a weapon. With an Entropy Gauge you can measure the age of the surrounding universe. A door standing on the beach like something out of a fairytale. The Doctor set the emergency systems just as they were about to crash into the spaceship and both ships found themselves in exactly the same dimensions — they were literally inside each other.

The TARDIS created the beach and tried to keep the Doctor busy whilst it was healing, offering him mystery and horror and a chance to breathe.

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A race called the Wall of Noise? With some gorgeous sound design and a riveting performance from Peter Purves the second half of the story opens on an furiously urgent chase sequence that drags you into the action. Guerrier paints a melancholic picture of post war Germany, a city that is licking its wounds and trying to hold itself together apologetically. Armed police roaming the streets and ready to dish out death to anybody that crosses them. Even when Steven and Sara offer the Germans knowledge of the future they still let them stew in their pitch dark cell and ponder their fate.

Screams permeate their cell, the anguish cries of time as it reacts to their attempts to change history. Because they have changed things, they fear that they are both coming apart from time. Space was a highly political subject but not a military one and they are seeking not a victory of might but of ideas. Whatever this thing is it allows them to group their minds together so they can reach out and put them all in their own prison cells.

Their time travel knowledge will be useless on Kolbolt. Scenes of them banging on the TARDIS door begging to be taking home to their loved ones and their fight falling on deaf ears to the Doctor are unforgettable. He is playing God with their lives and in some ways he even envies their opportunity to begin again. Audio Landscape: This is an extremely evocative audio with a stunning array of sound effects utilised to great effect. Hryrek-Robinson has a way of highlighting a single sound effect so it really comes to life rather than assaulting you with a medley of noises and wasting his hard work.


The result is an audio that is very easy to visualise and if you shut your eyes you can join the characters on this adventure. Musical Cues: Some delicious exotic stings on the opening beach scenes thanks to the ever reliable Toby Hryrek-Robinson.

Standout Scene: There is a wonderful, wonderful moment in part two that mirrors a similar scene from The Rocket Men where the Doctor tries to do a little matchmaking. Before people start to object its no different from the way he manipulated his own granddaughter out of the TARDIS and into the arms of David Campbell so it does have precedent. The forest environment is a dream, a chance to relax and the Doctor tells Sara to take advantage of the time.

Unsure, he gently reminds her that Steven is sat on his own by the fire. Sit with him.

ISBN 13: 9780984525232

Finally the emotive ending and the decision that the Doctor makes at the conclusion. Love it. Result: Simon Guerrier continues to reap rewards from exploring Steven and Sara and has delivered another fascinating, polished script. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. To chart this unknown territory, a team of explorers are called to duty: a proud witch, a technology specialist, an elven illusionist, a genius gentleman, and his steam-powered butler.

Together, they'll face the darkness that was locked away The expedition to the Forsaken Shores has begun.

Anachronauts (Earth-616)

The second book in the Anachronauts series. He lives on the Internet and generally is an okay guy. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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Overview The Second Age has officially begun -- America, the Faerie Court, and the Orbitals working hand in hand to build a better world. Problem is, much of that world remains unexplored Product Details About the Author. About the Author A general creative muck-a-bout, Stefan is an professional independent game developer, a web designer, and apparently also an author and sometimes supposedly makes music or other forms of art depending on your relative cultural definition thereof.

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A hard-won peace has settled across the world, as Emily Moonthistle and her compatriots work A hard-won peace has settled across the world, as Emily Moonthistle and her compatriots work to establish ties to neighbors. But old rivals emerge again, with their own ideas about neighborly ties -- specifically, tying the world down to their View Product. Anachronauts: London's Fog.