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This novel is extremely thought provoking with such incredible twists. And in the end everything is about love, about many kinds of love and sometimes in quite weird way. I know I would be furious if I have found something that could spoil this great reading adventure. Somebody asked him who was carrying the plague. Jan 04, Pris robichaud rated it it was amazing.

What looks like an act of evil to a single person is the people's act of love to its future itself. James Meek has written a marvelous story-telling in this novel. At once so well written you would think he was writing in Russia of This is the time of the Russian Revolution in So many characters woven into effortless story lines that the stories themselves somehow seem to grab our attention.

The characters are revealed to a central figure and we are able to at last understand the drama and the truth. James Meek attended Edinburgh University and has become a journalist for the Guardian and the Observer reporting from Russia for ten years. He has been able with his words to show us the sights and scenes of Siberia; horror, cruelty, murder and cannibalism.

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  • And, yet the sun shining on the snow, the love of a man and a woman; the everyday life of those who live the best they can. Samarin, one of the main characters shows up in tiny, poor Yazyk, a Siberian community. His story is that of a political prisoner, a run-away from a horrible place in the Arctic. He has escaped with "Mohican" a man who took him with him, to eat his flesh. James Meek has been able to write of the horror of slicing off a foot, a head and hacking people to pieces to eat their flesh. Samarin's story is slowly unraveled but not before we meet the other characters.

    An extreme Christian sect that castrates its members so they can be called angels.

    The People's Act of Love

    A group of Czechoslovakian legions led by Lieutenant Mutz, he loves the earth and a woman, Anna Petrovna. She is the wife of the leader of the Christian sect, Balashov. Anna is a woman who loves men and sex, photography and her son. All these characters and more who are puzzled about many events.

    They learn as we do, when the puzzle begins to fit, the meaning of the extremes of the political and the spiritual and the humanity There are heroes and there is goodness, and this is a particularly special book. Highly recommended. Jun 22, Hailly rated it really liked it.

    This was an amazing book once you got into it. However, becuase of this when everything came together it made it that much more exciting. This book is about several different characters who throughout the book realize who they are, who they love and the meaning of life. This book sounds a little mushy but its not. The author is very real which makes the book easy to relate to.

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    I would suggest that everyone read th This was an amazing book once you got into it. I would suggest that everyone read this book. View 1 comment. Jun 12, Fran rated it it was amazing. Awesome, awesome, awesome. As the jacket describes it, The People's Act of Love is as rich as a classic Russian novel, but packs all that story and philosophy and beauty into under pages. Even as I was hurtling toward the end, I found myself turning to previous chapters to reread passages, both to savor the language and to find clues to the many unfolding mysteries.

    Read it! What you expect from Russian classics but lose in the translation. Nov 07, Kristen rated it really liked it Recommends it for: serious lit fans. Shelves: high-brow.

    The People's Act of Love by James Meek review – a hymn to humanity | Books | The Guardian

    This was an interesting book. I enjoyed it, but couldn't say I loved it. The characters were well-developed and mostly likeable. The main character of Samarin was an exception. I never felt like I understood what motivated him - a fairly ordinary childhood didn't seem like the background that a revolutionary would have. The main theme in this book is as the title suggests - love. Love in all it's various forms; parents for children, children for parents, spouses towards each other, men and women This was an interesting book.

    Love in all it's various forms; parents for children, children for parents, spouses towards each other, men and women, even the love of order, and of horses but not in a weird way. There are supporting themes as well, some of which are disturbing cannibalism, self-mutilation , but they are presented in a way which makes sense to the story and aren't sensationalized. I learned that there is always room for people to grow and change and to make better choices, and that some decisions are irrevocable. Most of the characters in this novel experience some sort of personal growth for the better during the course of this book.

    Acts of Love by Talulah Riley: UK Book Trailer - Episode 3

    In the midst of war, cold, poverty and isolation, they manage to keep their humanity. Even Samarin, who may be seen as the "villain", makes certain choices that are detrimental to his mission in order to show humanity and compassion to others. Matula is the only one-dimensional character in this book.

    How he becomes such a soulless and cruel person is never known. Enjoyable book, especially for anyone interested in Russian history. Jun 07, Tonstant Weader rated it really liked it. Yasyk is home to an ascetic cult of castrates, a remnant of a regiment of Czechoslovakian soldiers waiting for orders to go back home, and Anna Petrovna with her son.

    Anna came to Yasyk after learning her husband, a hussar, died in the war. The leader of the Czechs is a sociopathic madman named Captain Matula whose life was saved by Mutz, an outsider among the Czechs as he is Jewish and somewhat of a philosopher at heart.

    All the Czechs long to go home, though Mutz suspects Matula does not and is perhaps lying to them about their orders. It is all coming to a head, though, as the Red Army is approaching. Into this already tense setting comes Samarin, an escaped political prisoner with a story of a prison called the White Garden in the far north of Siberia more than a thousand miles from anywhere. He warns people the Mohican is coming, but somehow Samarin is here alive, still uneaten. To complicate matters, a shaman being held prisoner was murdered and Samarin seemed the obvious suspect but while he was testifying to Matula and the officers, another person was murdered.

    Not to mention, the body of a soldier with his hand cut off outside the village with a much older, long-dead hand laid on top of it. It would be easier to blame it all on the new arrival, but that is impossible. The castrates cut off their sexual organs to remove sin and the knowledge of sin, to become angels. But does that act really remove them from them their very human sins?