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One of the most approachable surveys, in my opinion. This is a really useful introduction to comparative mythology, and helpful in terms of thinking about Celtic medieval and mythic texts in an Indo-European context. Rees, Alwyn and Brinley. New York: Thames and Hudson, ; repr. A super introduction and overview of the medieval Irish and Welsh literature, from a comparative Dumezielian and occasionally quirky point of view. Lots of re-tellings and summaries of medieval mythological texts, and some perceptive and intriguing connections and questions.

Ross, Anne, Ph. Everyday life of the Pagan Celts. London, Batsford; New York, G.

Series: Everyday life series. An overview of early Celtic culture and history, one I desperately want a copy of. This is one of those woefully-outdated-but-not-replaceable sources in Celtic studies. Ross, Anne.

Pagan Celtic Britain. Chicago: Chicago Academy Publishers, A good background source for archaeological and literary connections, though much of the archaeology is now less than current and needs to be checked against recent work. Sjoestedt, M. Gods and Heroes of the Celts. Dover Publications, A slim paperback, still considered a standard text, with some interesting observations.

How They Succeeded - Self-Written Biographies of Rich and Famous People

This is a good, readable and brief introduction to Irish myth, and comparative analysis. I freely confess that I love this little book. Tierney, J. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy. Tierney presents most of the Classical era Greco-Roman sources on the Celts, including the less well-known ones, and places them in context. This compendium is largely useful in that it gathers lots of disparate Classical sources and references in a single volume.

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A brief history of the world’s most storied mythical creatures | Mythical creatures | The Guardian

More options. Thomas Kinsella. Oxford University Press. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Woe to the vanquished. Rome was left weakened and obviously poorer but as in all things the situation gradually changed such that by the 1st Century B.

Threatened by the Slavic tribes in the east, the Germanic forces to the north, but mostly by the burgeoning might of the vengeful Roman armies to the south; the Celts retreated north to what is present-day Belgium and from there crossed the English Channel to the relative safety of Britain. The Romans took their lands but they could not dampen the Celtic spirit. Despite all the efforts of various Roman emperors to bring the Celts under Roman control many of the original traditions and customs have survived to the present and are celebrated all over the world.

The early Christian priests built their places of worship on sites already sacred to the Celts to demonstrate the power of the Christian God over the Celtic Pantheon. Celtic symbology was also adopted by the Early Christians to help the pagans feel more comfortable with they new religion, examples can be seen everywhere as carvings in old European churches.

G argoyles as protective serpents Knot work and trisckles as decorative motifs on crosses and illustrated manuscripts are filled with pagan references.

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Many of the Saints have derived from ancient legend. But because theirs is an oral tradition, the Celts themselves are an elusive people who we can only get a glimpse of through the writings of others or through the stories they told. Probably the most recognizable of these ancient celebrations is Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, when, in. Celtic tradition the veils between the worlds under,earth and sky world become so thin that all the spirits are able to walk the earth.

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Heather McNeil. ColoR PhotogRaphs. The FaeRy Folk and Ghosts. The FaeRy Folk and Music.